01. If you want to pay the cheapest price, you will probably end up with [inferior] quality.
02. Please don't bring [inferior] audio cassettes to the language lab because they often break during the class.
03. Some people try to suggest that the education offered in public schools is [inferior] to that of private schools, but I don't agree.
04. The [inferior] status of women in my culture hasn't really changed much since my parents' generation.
05. Some children are treated as [inferiors] by their classmates just because their family is poor.
06. Howard has always felt a sense of [inferiority], which sometimes motivates him to work hard to prove himself, but often just causes him to give up because he doesn't believe he'll succeed.
07. Jackson prefers to hang out with people who are intellectually [inferior] to him at school because he is actually quite insecure about his own abilities.
08. The watch I bought at the market was certainly inexpensive, but it is also of [inferior] quality.
09. He is afraid of getting sick while travelling in a country which has [inferior] health care.
10. If you treat your [inferiors] too well in this army, they will lose all respect for you.
11. Those of [inferior] intelligence will not understand the novel at all.
12. Hendrick claims that the beer here in the U.S. is greatly [inferior] to the beer in Germany.
13. Eleanor Roosevelt once said that no one can make you feel [inferior] without your consent.
14. Mark Twain once said that the fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral [inferiority] to any creature that cannot.
15. Robert Anthony once said that feelings of [inferiority] and superiority are the same. They both come from fear.
16. There is an American proverb which states that a person who talks about his [inferiors] hasn't any.
17. There is an Iranian proverb which says you should treat your superior as a father, your equal as a brother, and your [inferior] as a son.
18. When the modern Olympics started in 1896, first place winners were given silver medals because gold was thought to be [inferior].

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